Canadian Destination Wedding Photographers

At Home in Sarnia Ontario

photo by Moe Ramadan

Adward winning wedding photogrpaher
International Award winning wedding photographers.

It’s not that we’re not passionate about photography (you should see the camera collection), it’s just that we’re more about the people and their personalities.  When going on vacation, to the park or the grocery store, we do it for the people.  Everyone is interesting, yes every one and we’ll show you that.
We are professional people watchers, and with our cameras, we show you what we see.  That one little details that possibly only one person has ever noticed, and that’s a thing they love you for.  This is our art, to see you for all your perfect details, and we give you a record to show off.

Wedding Photographers we’ve worked with. 

J.R. Clubb // JR CLUBB,
Jeremy “Jer” Wilcocks // Red Autumn
Heidi Prins // Violet Light Photography
Troy Shantz // TJ SHANTZ
Lorrie Williams // Lorrie Williams Photography
Brett Harkness // Brett Harkness Photography

Ryan also had many wedding photographers assist and study under him

Stephanie Ouellette of Stephanie Ouellette Photography ( Stephie O )
Brenna Turvey of B. Reilly Photography
Joel Pilotte of Joel Pilotte Photography
Danny Mac of Daniel Mcquillan Photography
Hailey McHarg of Hailey McHarg Photography