Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if we are sick/unable to make it?

We prioritize every wedding above all else in our lives. There has never been an instance in which we cannot make it on a wedding day. However, in the case of extreme circumstances, we always have a back up associate photographer prepared and ready to step in. We will never leave anyone hanging on the most important day of their life.

Are we insured in case our gear is damaged/stolen?

Yes, we are completed insured in case any undesirable situation arises.

Are clients able to customize package options?

Yes! We love creating bespoke and individualized packages for our clients. The three packages offered are simply the three most popular. If you have any changes or substitutions you’d like, simply talk to us, and we can create a more personalized package for you.

What does “full day coverage” actually cover?

There’s no trick here… we arrive from the moment you want us there to the moment you don’t. We’ve started as early as 6am, and left as late as 3am into the night.

Do our packages cover travel?

Our packages all cover travel within Lambton County. In out of town weddings that are more than an hour away from Sarnia, we negotiate some travel costs (hotel + rental, etc).

Do we photograph destination weddings?

Above most things, we both adore traveling, and will look for any excuse to get on a plane to an amazing place, especially if it’s to photograph a wedding! Packages are adjusted to include travel costs in these cases (airfare, hotels, rental, etc).

What are the payment options?

We have two different payment options. The first, is fairly standard in this industry; a 50% non-refundable deposit due at the time of booking, with the remaining 50% due 15 days prior to the wedding date. We also appreciate that some people may enjoy getting larger payments like this out of the way, and therefore, we offer the option of paying all up front. In paying all up front, we include a discount of 13%, which effectively reduces the fee of the amount of the HST.

When and where does the engagement session take place?

The engagement session can take place absolutely any time between booking, and the date of the wedding, depending on your needs. Some clients prefer to have these photos taken at a specific time of year, and wish to wait until then, and some like to complete it as soon as possible. We always encourage our clients not to skip this engagement session, as it’s a great way to work together with us, prior to the wedding day. We’ll have you do a variety of activities and poses, to see how you react to each other to ensure we get the best and most candid photos of you. On your wedding day, you’ll feel well practiced, and the idea of being photographed is far less intimidating. As far as locations go, we are always scouting the local area to find unique and beautiful places that suit our clients. We will discuss with you prior to this time about places we have recently visited that you may like.

Can a different type of session be substituted for the included engagement session?

Yes. While we appreciate being able to work with our clients prior to the wedding, we understand that not every client desires these types of photos. With that being said, we have substituted family sessions, holiday sessions, trash the dress, or 1st year anniversary sessions in place of the engagement session.