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From dawn to last call You’ll remember your full wedding. We’re always full-day.

Having a Destination Wedding in Mexico,  Jamaica, Cuba, Barbados?  Toronto, London?
All travel, lodging, board, adventures and gratuities are included, We’re nomads at heart.

Desination wedding in Mexico packages

The Wedding Package Features

Engagement Portrait Session

Sarnia Wedding Photographers Ryan and Kate of Proper Photography
Engagement Sessions are like training wheels. You’ll get an understand on how we pose and direct you at times.  At others we’ll see how you are at casual and real moments so we can predict them easier on your wedding day.  You’ll learn key spots to caress, place your hands and where to look.  Was the proposal at the family cottage up north? Live in Toronto, or a big fan of the CNE? Don’t worry, we like to travel, and we’ll shoot you where you’re most comfortable.

Long Term Online Galleries

Ontario Wedding Photography
You never have to worry about losing your memories. We keep multiple online back-ups of your wedding images that can be downloaded or shared the day you get them, or on your twenty-fifth anniversary. We also keep multiple permanent on and off site back-up of the every single original photo.
al la carte option of 101 4×6 prints on museum grade fine art cotton paper, boxed.

Wedding Photo Prints Sarnia
Prints. Prints are what it’s all about in the end. This type of photo box package is only something you can get from hiring us. Photos can be shared on blogs, and social media feeds, but once you see them through a screen you almost never revisit them. Lets face it, unless it’s a print, more time is poured into creating and perfecting the photo, then the cumulative time that people spend enjoying it. Like a book, when you open one of our bespoke photo boxes, and flip through your wedding photos, it brings you back to the feeling the emotional high of your wedding day. Also similarly to a book, the welcoming smell, and the pleasing feeling of the cotton paper, will enhance your happiness to the sensation of frisson. All of our photo boxes are created bespoke for each couple. The boxes will match you as a person, as a couple, and the style of your wedding perfectly. We use only the best cotton rag paper. We will print, and reprint fronts and backs of each photo to meet our own personal standards. We also love to scour Etsy late at night, and stores locally and abroad to find the perfect box and accessories. Admittedly, we bicker back and forth for weeks about boxes.

Full Bespoke and Boutique Personal experience. 

Canadian Destination Wedding Photography
We’re here for you almost every hour of every day, less during another couples wedding.  If you have any questions, ideas or inquiries, we’re here for you.  Even if we’re on the other side of the planet. We’re always connected.  You can always email, message or call us toll free.  You don’t ever have to worry about us.  We always show up as professional as the day demands, never in yoga pants or jeans. You’re always our highest priorities.  We’re don’t have other jobs,  a band or any other obligations that would take precedence.

Al La Carte Options

Bespoke Crazy Booth

Crazy Booth Sarnia WEdding Photography
The bespoke Crazy booth will always have one of us there shooting portraits of your guests.  As crazy or calm as they want.  The styling and props is all up to you to corrisponde with your wedding.

Instant Film

Instant Film Wedding
Photos of your wedding day to take home that night and off to you honeymoon. As long as there is professional instant film, we’ll want to use it. This unique offering is full of nostalgia.

Packages Begin @ $2999

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