Proper Weddings

Have you ever felt a sudden passing sensation of excitement, a shudder of emotion from an epic moment of a song, or the climax of a movie? That is what is called “frisson”, a wood rooted from the French word meaning “goosebumps” or “shiver”. Frisson has been linked to rises in dopamine levels. It is a physical reaction, it’s not just about the “hit me right in the feels” vibe.
When you see each other for the first time, when the ring is placed on your finger, the first kiss, and all throughout your day, you’ll feel it – frisson – and we’ll be with you for every moment.

Ryan from Proper Photography has been crafting fine art wedding images in his unique style since 2004, when he was chosen to assist the top wedding photographer in the region. In 2011, he was honoured to document his mentor’s wedding. After that, he never looked back, and focused on creating the trends, instead of following them.
Kate joined Ryan in 2013, and they’ve been photographing together as a team ever since. With two different, yet complimentary styles, we are able to provide a wide variety of beautiful images for our clients. Our fun approach will help make your day stress free. Our knowledge will make your schedule worry free. Our combined experience will give you the reassurance you need to relax and enjoy the day.
You will be assured that you made the right choice by the expression of frisson you experience when you see your final wedding images.

Most wedding photographers tend to do variations of the same thing over and over. We see that as a challenge to stand out, and to be different so you, our client, has completely unique and creative wedding images. We are not going to limit the length of your story to a set amount of hours, as we feel it adds stress to our clients, and puts pressure on creativity. Our wedding day coverage can consist of a photojournalistic style, documenting your story naturally, with very little involvement, or the opposite approach, with more interaction and direction to add all the flare your wedding day deserves.


With the Package, we will photograph events as they unfold, to document your day as it happens – start to finish. This package is perfect to ensure your wedding day is not interrupted by lengthy photo sessions, as your photographer will act almost as a fly on the wall. There are limited posed images, or anything that will take away from the seamless flow of your day.

  • Full day of photography on your wedding day – one photographer
  • Engagement portrait session
  • Full consultations complete with ideal suggestions to make your day smoother
  • All digital negatives colour corrected and balanced
  • In-studio digital proofing consultation (optional)
  • Long term online proofing gallery, with direct print ordering and sharing
  • Full set of digital negatives (online + memory stick options)

$2999 + HST


The below options can be added to any package that do not include them already.

  • Additional Photographer/s – $500

 Ryan + Kate will be present to ensure nearly double the amount of photos, and extra coverage during the important events of the day.

  • Photo booth – $500

     Lights, camera, and backdrop provided by us, props provided by you

  • Professional Polaroid photos (taken throughout the day/10 photos) – $250

  • Thank you or Save the date cards – $250

  • Artisan photo box with 100 printed 4×6 photos – $250

  • Trash the Dress session – $250
  • Destination engagement sessions can be substituted into some packages – ask us for more information!