Behind the shot #1

Sarnia Yacht Club Wedding
This seems like a simple snapshot, however there’s a build up to get it.

As the sun was cresting past the horizon during the fleeting sunset for this shot.  There is only 20-25 secs of this warm red sunlight this time of year.
We could have just posed them like this, but the scrunch of the nose and eyes wouldn’t be there, and she wouldn’t be pulling in his hand with hers for the caress of his on her check.
We simply asked them to face the light to have it fall on them giving them the best mix of light and shadows. It falls on his cheekbone and follows his hairline perfectly to allow a strong portrait shape. Her shadows add to light texture and detail into his shape as well under his eyes.  Her hand shadow on her shoulder allow an interesting element to what would be an otherwise boring and hence a waste of space on the photograph.
For the shot we always offer a very open to interpretation suggestion to get an honest reaction out of the client.  His interpretation was to try and shove his thumb up her nose.  It’s not something we would’ve ever asked a couple to do, but it was perfect to get the ideal reaction and get the shot.
The thumb in the nose pose.

The honest reaction, complete bust out to laughter.

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