Best Practices for Midday Sun Portraits. Wedding Photography.

The Goodhills

This is not the time to go with the strong backlight. That form of natural light wedding photography only really works at the end of golden hour. Just remember to watch your shadows and don’t crush your blacks.

Use that sun as if it were flash high over head. We all know how to use flash right? Good. Then we know how light interacts with the shape of face. If not, watch the brow and pockets of the eyes. If there’s too much contrast of light between them, you’re photographing a racoon, and not a bride. Don’t make them a trash panda on their wedding day.

This is the light that Rembrandt mastered. Positioning their face so the key of the light drapes down the brides welcoming side, rotate them around till you have a light sun kissed cheek chasing it. Master it by hiding the edge of nose shadow in the smile lines of those amazing cheeks. The cherry on top, (the final touches done, but first thing noticed,) is the proud chin to take the shadow off the neck having it cradle the jawline, allowing the face to open up and let the light romance the eyes just above the crease of the eyes.

Now there’s the perfect bridal portrait in full midday sun.

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