Our wedding photography style, pt. 1

What we won’t do!

The Goodhills

We understand natural light, flash photography, and our camera’s strengths and limitations.

We alway want to achieve great shots, #SooC, Straight out of camera. When we capture that magical moment, and take a moment to show you a preview on the back of the camera, we want you to experience the same excitement as we have.

Zakk + McKenna

We have very specific things that we always watch out for, and correct when we’re taking the actual photo, rather than worrying about fixing the error in the editing process. We always want you to have classic and long lasting photos.

We won’t make your wedding photos too dark, aka: “moody”. Not even moody, we always watch for shadow details. If hair is looking more like a toque or a beanie, we will adjust our exposure.

The Teathers

We also won’t make images too bright. This is also known as the “Heaven’s Gates” look, within the wedding photographer community. We don’t want skin tones and detail to take a lower priority to “the look”. That being said, we enjoy whites, and bright tones. They create a dance of contrast, and a strengthening to the overall image.

Why we each shoot with a Digital Hasselblad.

Digital medium format cameras are still the only cameras for wedding photography that offer the largest dynamic range when capturing light. During editing, they provide the most information in an image, to save information within hair, and skin, even in the trickiest of lighting situations.

If you don’t think you’ve cheaped out on your photographer, then hope they didn’t cheap out on their gear know-how.

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